Meet Scott Tellinghuisen

Scott Tellinghuisen is the president of Green House Mortgage, where It Pays to Go Green. He has been in the mortgage industry as a mortgage loan originator for 14 years and still going strong. After getting started and working for a local company in 2003, he quickly gained ground within the industry. From there he decided to start Green House Lending in 2005.

After running a successful company such as Green House Lending for several years, Mr. Tellinghuisen decided the company needed a face lift and a new brand identity. Liking the current name he only wanted to change it ever so slightly – Enter Green House Mortgage!

With the new brand and image it was and remains his goal to use that identity as a vehicle to provide employment to the very best mortgage professionals so they can continue to educate and counsel in the very best way anyone looking for a residential home mortgage. If that formula can be implemented successfully, then the economy becomes stronger, everyone wins and everyone succeeds! So here at Green House Mortgage, It Truly Pays to Go Green!

“I would like to personally thank you for putting your faith and trust in us”

“As President of Green House Mortgage, I would like to personally thank you for putting your faith and trust in us. It is our strongest desire to educate you in this ever changing mortgage industry. When you give us this opportunity, we feel you will walk away with not only a better understanding of how mortgages are implemented, but feel confident you had the very best team working for you and a mortgage that is tailored specifically for you and your family’s financial goals.”