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Getting Approved as a Self-Employed Home Buyer

If you’re a self-employed future homeowner or already own a home and looking to refinance, then you’ll want to watch this video. Too many times I hear from frustrated buyers or current homeowners who think OR have been told rather, that they can’t get approved for a home loan because they do not have two consecutive years of strong income. Personally I just think that the previous loan consultant didn’t have the experience or wherewithal to suggest there is a way.

So check out the video above. And if you would like to know more or if you’re really ready to get the ball rolling, give me a call 813-732-3155 directly (Yes, I answer my own phones) or email me and we can discuss how we can get you approved either with an FHA loan or Conventional loan. Either way you probably have some great options.

Green House Mortgage is a full service home loan origination entity in Tampa, FL and servicing the state throughout – We can do loans anywhere in Florida! If you have any questions regarding this article or simply need mortgage advice please call 813-732-3155 or email us at We are dedicated to giving you the best mortgage consultation available. Green House Mortgage – It Pays to Go Green!

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