First Time Home Buyer Testimonial

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When working with borrowers in the mortgage industry, it’s always interesting and exciting to meet all kinds of different people. None are more enjoyable than a first time home buyer in our experience. Jenna came to us via Jackie Hillman with ReMax Bay to Bay, with offices located in South Tampa. Jenna had never owned a home, she was a young professional working in the advertising industry for about 8 years and she was newly engaged. So she figured it was time and wanted to start planting some roots in the Brandon area.

With her scenario most would have set her up with an FHA loan which is typical for most first time home buyers. But in Jenna’s case, she was able to go with a 30 year fixed conventional loan with only a 5% down payment needed. She got the terms and rate she needed and with a smaller down payment and around 6% seller contributions from the seller (which in this case happened to be a bank owned property), Jenna was able to make the loan work smoothly and all by herself. Initially, she thought she might need help from her mother as a co-signer. So, she was pleasantly surprised once everything came to fruition and not needing any outside help.

This is just proof that things are steadily progressing in the real estate and mortgage industries. With the right financial scenarios financing IS being extended to those who are looking to buy or refinance. It just takes the right mortgage consultant to navigate / guide you to where you need to go when making a very big financial decision. In the end, Jenna was happy and we look forward to not only helping her again in the future when she has another mortgage need but also her friends and family as well. We’re always looking to expand our Tampa footprint and anywhere else in the great state of Florida.

If you’re a Tampa Realtor or Financial Planner or anywhere else in the state of Florida, this is just a sample of what you can expect from Green House Mortgage. We want to see you and your buyers succeed. Helping to strengthen the core of our community with good homes and solid financial terms. We attend every closing and want to get a testimonial for them to show anyone that sees it as proof that good things are happening and of course helping to get your contact information out there to future clients. Let us help you and your clients.

Green House Mortgage is a full service home loan origination entity in Tampa, FL and servicing the state throughout. If you have any questions or concerns with the article or simply need mortgage advice please call 813-732-3155 or email us at We are dedicated to giving you the best mortgage consultation available. Green House Mortgage – It Pays to Go Green!

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